Sunday, 14 March 2010

Mute Swans at the west end of KMC lake

Photos by Sam Daw

A pair (?) of mute swans have taken up residence at the west end of the Kingston Maurward  College Lake, they were obliging and let me read their rings. Terry from RRG has passed me this informtion about the two birds  "YZIZ ringed as a Cygnet Nov 2007 KMC by Derek but not sexed YZFI was ringed as a Cygnet Sept 2006 at Lewell" (just a few miles down the river Frome from the College) "and sexed at the time as Male but not definite" - of course of the pair I thought this was the female.

Wednesday, 3 March 2010

February numbers

Ringing in Martinstown in February 2010, new (retrap)
Dunock 1, robin 3 (1), blackbird 2 (1), blue tit 2, house sparrow 3 (1), chaffinch 6, greenfinch 4 (1), goldfinch 13, bullfinch 1 and yellowhammer 2
Mallard with the RRG 2 (3) and shelduck with the ARG 2 (11)

Of the 42 birds caught at the allotment and in the garden there are only 4 retraps - are they just good at seeing the net the second time around. The blackbird retrap was first recorded in the late summer, last year, as a pullus found  in the garden hedge - that is really pleasing!

Monday, 1 March 2010


Creating some timely pithy blogs has been tricky as BT contrived to remove the home broadband connection which has been a little irksome to say the least!

However its been a quiet few weeks for the mist nets at the allotment and at College. Numbers to follow.

On Saturday I joined the Axe Ringing Group for my first experience of cannon netting, it was a great morning with 56 shelduck, 2 mute swans and moorhen caught and processed. Thanks to the Axe Ringing Group for their warm welcome and to the Radipole Ringing Group for the introduction.

adult and first year shelduck wing for ageing